Alaska Life Adventures

November 9, 2011

Alaska's Secret Season

Photos & Story by Carmen

You might be surprised to learn that Alaska's autumn is a glorious palate of color which rivals the beauty of New England. Our deciduous trees turn bright shades from the yellow gold of the birches to the darker orange gold of the cottonwoods. Small round leaves shiver on the aspen like so many gold coins. While none of our trees turn red, many of our shrubs and wildflowers do. Mountainsides above treeline take on a reddish hue.

Beautiful Fall Colors
Chopping Wood
Quaking Aspen
Seward Highway

So why doesn't Alaska have famous "leaf peeper" tours? I think it is because autumn is a capricious season, lasting only so long as old man winter allows. Some years he comes early, tearing the colorful leaves away with his icy breath and catching the unwary with surprise snowfalls.

Red Fireweed
Red Fireweed in Autumn
Sitka Rose
Devil's Club