Alaska Life Adventures

January 31, 2011

Snowshoeing Prospect Heights

Photos & Story by Kyla

The Hillside Trail System in Chugach State Park is a veritable vortex of outdoor activities. There are established trails which offer a peaceful getaway only 20 minutes from downtown Anchorage. One Saturday afternoon in January, four of us Once in a Blue Moose adventurers (and one mini-moose) decided to strap on some snowshoes and hit the mountainside. The clouds were low, but it kept the temperature in the warm 20s.

Snowshoeing in Prospect Heights
Alces on Snowshoe
Janine Falls Down
John With Frizbee

We parked at the Prospect Heights Trailhead and hopped onto one of the trails around the popular Powerline Pass, a wide, clear trail that runs along the Chugach Mountains east of Anchorage. There was a variety of other outdoor enthusiasts out: skiers, runners, and mountain bikers. While the snow was well packed on the trails, it was off trail that we were truly able to test out our snowshoes. After hiking a ways up the mountain, we popped out onto Powerline Pass and used a large clearing of deeper snow to play a rousing game of snowshoe frisbee. Practicing diving catches is much friendlier to the body in deep, fluffy snow.

A Hazy Anchorage
Chelsea and John
Two People Snowshoeing
View of Powerlines

After a while, the clouds slowly lifted over the Anchorage Bowl, and we were treated to a pink-tinted panoramic view of our beloved city. Our hike down and back to the car included a fiery pink sunset in the distance. No recreational outing in Alaska is complete without hot chocolate to warm you back up, which Janine so thoughtfully provided. After working up an appetite, we stopped at a local brewery, Midnight Sun Brewing Co. for some tasty food and beverage. It was a great way to wrap-up a refreshingly mellow Saturday.

Clowdy Day
Snowshoeing at Prospect Heights
Midnight Sun Brewing Company