Where in the World is Alces Browser?

February 23, 2011


This week I traveled to Seattle and enjoyed an exciting "day on the town." The Space Needle, and markets and trolls, oh my!

Public Market Center SeattleHere's the Public Market Center in downtown Seattle. You can buy lots of things here like fruits, hats, jewelry, and dead sea creatures.
Farmers Market FruitCheck out this fruit stand. 3 oranges for 1 dollar? Criminey Cricket! That's cheaper then 2 oranges for 75 cents!
Flying at BirdsThese birds were looking at me funny. Nobody looks at Alces Browser funny and gets away with it. Have at you!
Watching Cargo boatsJust look at those big boats. They're carrying so much stuff. I wanna be a captain of a boat. Captain Alces Browser, most fearsome pirate of the seven seas. Nah, maybe not.


Graffiti wall in SeattleOh will you look at this graffiti. Makes me sick, putting their gang signs all over the wall. What is this city coming to? Can I borrow a sharpie so I can write my name?
Bubble Gum WallNow this is a lot of bubble-gum. I tried eating one, but it was pretty hard. It's more fun then chewing cud.
Peering through telescopeI like watching people. Boy this thing can see far! Oh my gosh, that guy should at least put on some underwear.
Water FountainWhat a nice water fountain. There was a lot of money at the bottom of this spot. I went scuba diving and won like 50 bucks!


Seattle Bridge TrollWhat a huge troll lurking underneath the Seattle bridge. He looks pretty spooky.
Large TrollAw this guy isn't so tough. Once you get to know him, he's really a nice guy. Apparently he used to roam around the world doing friendly things until he got stuck under a bridge.
Gas Works Park Lake UnionHere's Gas Works Park overlooking Lake Union. I think it's the only real green spot in quite a few miles.
Space NeedleLast but not least we have the Space Needle. Look at it, all pointy and stuff.